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The Human Brain

The Human Element

Making a website can be confusing. I emphasizes the human side of design, making sure you feel comfortable with your site. We will work at your pace, fast or slow.
Smart Phone

Responsive Design

Your site will work just as well on an IMAX as it will on a smart phone. No longer will people leave your site because they can't navigate it. Try making this site really small right now. Neat, huh?
Pencil and Paintbrush

Easy Editing

You have control of your site, and can make changes at any time. See a typo? Fixed. Want to upload a video? Done. I'll take care of the complicated stuff, and you can focus on make your site great.


Andrew has worked with me on numerous web and media projects over the last four years. He is a pleasure to work with and a great team player. His technical skills are excellent. He has great ideas. He’s enthusiastic, funny, creative and always gets the job done on time. I highly recommend him.

Micheal Menduno

Thanks for being such a ninja on this project. You’ve made this process friction free. Awesome.

Harlan Gleeson

I really appreciate your explanations, I think you are a wonderful teacher!

Helma Mueller


Rahanna Frykberg – Personal Blog

Rahanna Frykberg's Website

Artist and blogger Rahanna Frykberg, has a blog with a unique layout: All blog posts are visible by default, but can be sorted by category, without reloading the page. Instagram posts are intermixed with blog posts, giving each equal weight. An interesting case study on how information is displayed and retrieved.

Elderberry Project – Non-Profit

Elderberry Project Website Screenshot

This non-profit wanted clean lines and a simple color scheme: purple. The site is visually striking while being austere, and the custom leaf work gives the website a handcrafted feel.

SICA-USA – Non-Profit

SICA USA Website

The Subud International Cultural Association in the USA distributes grants to artists who are part of Subud. Simple and refined, this site features the works of artists across the country in a clear-headed and easy to access way.

Jay Pfeil – Artist Portfolio Website

Jay Pfeil Website

Artist Jay Pfeil came to me with a website that had a virus! We scrubbed it clean, and restored her artwork to it’s rightful place. The artwork on this site is constantly changing, but Jay feels comfortable making the changes herself, thanks to WordPress and a short training from me.

Jimmie Angel Historical Project – Non-Profit

Jimmie Angel Site

One of my earlier sites, the Jimmie Angel Historical Society’s purpose is to preserve the legacy of the first westerner to discover Angel Falls in Venezuela. The client asked for Veranda throughout, and a dark on light color scheme to catch the reader’s attention. – eCommerce Site Website

This eCommerce is a great example of how the eCommerce platform I use most often (called WooCommerce) works. Modern yet functional, this feature-rich site is more than a website, it is an invaluable resource for log home builders the world over. This site redesign increase traffic to the site by 20%!

Sanderson Morgan – Artist Gallery Site

Sanderson Morgan's Site

The artist Sanderson Morgan asked for a highly specialized website, which I built from scratch, with very little in the way of text. He wanted the focus to be on the images, and not have the website get in the way.

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